NNAS Silver course syallbus listed below as prescribed by the National Navigation Award Scheme.

Compass Hill Skills offers our NNAS Silver Award training and assessment courses.

Course Information:
Locations: Essex / Suffolk Borders, Ashdown Forest - Kent, Peak District - Derbyshire, Black Mountain - Brecon Beacons.
Available Course places: Up to 6 persons.
Duration: 2 or 3 days (times vary depending on course / location and planned activity).
Equipment: Use of Map, Compass and training materials provided. Candidates to provide own walking boots, waterproofs, day sack and food.


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Silver NNAS Award syllabus - The learning outcomes: (additional to those of the Bronze Award)

  • Devise a strategy for a navigational stage, to break it down into 'coarse' and 'fine' navigation and to use clear features en route to check that they are 'on course'.
  • Understand and apply the following components of a navigational strategy 'aiming off', 'attack points', 'collecting features', simplifying navigation, and apply them in varying terrain.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of contour features, both large and small, on the map and on the ground.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the navigation physical and factors affecting route choice.
  • Judge distance accurately on the map and on the ground.
  • Plan a safe walk or route involving Silver award skills and strategies.
  • Employ simple relocation strategies when lost.
  • Use a compass to follow accurate bearings and to check the direction of footpaths or other linear features on both map and ground.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the effects of fatigue and physical discomfort brought on by navigating in demanding countryside and/or extreme weather condition. Knowledge of basic first aid is also expected.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of the Countryside Code and current access legislation as for the Bronze level together with an appreciation of basic environmental factors in mixing 'man with nature' (e.g. footpath erosion and methods of dealing with it), and responsibilities towards other countryside interests like farming, forestry and conservation.


NNAS Bronze course syallbus listed below as prescribed by the National Navigation Award Scheme.

Compass Hill Skills and Ventures operate our NNAS Bronze training courses in Essex, Suffolk and Kent - all within easy access of London.

We offer these map reading courses in Essex / Suffolk along with basic compass skills training. 

Course Information:

Location: Essex / Suffolk Borders or North Downs - Kent.

Available Course places: Your course will usually run with approx. 4 persons.

Terms: Minimum 2 persons, maximum 6 persons, full prepayment required, cancellation policy applies, missed courses places are charged in full (no refund).

Duration: 2 x days.  Your course will offer a minimum of 18 hours of tuition & assessment time. (NNAS minimum requirement is 12 hours). Overnight stay recommended.

Equipment: Use of Map, Compass and training materials provided. Candidates to provide own walking boots, waterproofs, day sack and food.

Accommodation and food: Not included in course fees. Information available on request on local camp sites, B&B's, Hotels and Hostelries for evening meals..


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Bronze NNAS Award syallabus – The Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the nature of a map as a two dimensional plan.
  • Understand how to use map symbols and scales, on a variety of maps.
  • Take a 6 figure grid reference for any given position and also locate such a reference on the map.
  • Orientate the map with and without a compass.
  • Use the orientated map to identify land features and indicate direction of travel.
  • Choose simple navigation strategies and routes.
  • Use linear features (e.g. paths and tracks) as handrails in simple navigation exercises.
  • Estimate distance on both map and ground.
  • Using a basic understanding of contours, match major landforms like hills and valleys to their map representation.
  • Plan a safe, suitable walk.
  • Relocate using simple techniques on paths and other handrails.
  • Understand access rights and responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of local and national access issues and access legislation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Countryside Code, and of procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency.

Very good value for money! The quality handouts were easily worthwhile alone!  If you know nothing about reading a map, or think you do but want to take your knowledge further, the NNAS Bronze course is for you. Seb has your well-being and skill progress as his No. 1 priority. An incredible amount is packed into the weekend, but you never feel rushed or over-whelmed. Much more on offer than some other NNAS providers!

Nell. NNAS Bronze - July 2015


Seb is a great communicator and is able to teach complex, multi-layered information in a concise way, yet allowing plenty of time for assimilation. Seb adjusts his teaching level to the needs of the individual and manages the groups well. He makes the practical element fun yet slightly scarey!

Jessica. NNAS Bronze - July 2015


I would highly recommend Compass Hills Skills and Ventures. No matter what your knowledge is on this subject - (NNAS Bronze) is a perfuct introductory level with a chance to advance through Silver and Gold.

Jason. NNAS Bronze - July 2015   


A great course, well run and very informative. Have all the skills needed for basic map reading and hill skills.

Patrick. One day Introduction to Navigation - June 2015


A fantastic day spent on both theory and proctical giving us a real understanding of the basic skills and confidence to use them now out in the hills - looking forward to the next course!

Kirsty. One day Introduction to Navigation - June 2015


A thoroughly enjoyable weekend that taught me what I wanted to know, in a beautiful part of the countryside! Seb is a very knowledgeable instructor and will adapt his approach as needed to ensure everybody has a successful learning experience.

Paula. NNAS Bronze - June 2015


Great two days helping us on the road of map and compass. Move over map maker.

Colin. NNAS Bronze - May 2015


"So yesterday and today, I have been doing my NNAS Bronze (that's National Navigation Award System) - had a fantastic two days learning how to (properly!) read an ordnance survey map, understand what I was looking at and looking for, plan a route, know how long that route was and how long it would take along with a few compass skills.  Brilliant!  I wanted to do it to make the most of the beautiful UK countryside walks and be able to find new places to walk with my wonderful husband (who has done all the housework and washing whilst I have been wandering around the North Essex countryside all weekend) and my beautiful dogs.......... wish I had done this years ago! 

The course was run by Compass Hill Skills and Ventures and was worth every penny.  Dog owning friends and otherwise, if you want to really explore our English footpaths and countryside, you won't go far wrong than doing this 2 day course!"

Kerry. NNAS Bronze - May 2015


A really worthwhile course that gives you hands on experience whilst learning about navigation skills.  Seb is a great instructor and is able to differentiate to everybodys' needs in the group, without being too obvious, so that we all achieved our goals.  We really enjoyed the two days Bronze course and have already purchased a compass and roamer ready to put our new found skills to the test.

Jane. NNAS Bronze - April 2015


NNAS Bronze course was very informative, interesting and easy to understand. The instructor was very helpful and made learning Fun. Thank you Seb for a very interesting 2 days.

Teresa. NNAS Bronze - April 2015


Compass Hill Skills provided a rewarding two days of beginner navigation skills across some beautiful countryside. Not only did they provide a good grounding in map reading skills but also insilled the confidence to use them for personal use. I now just want to go walking!

Russell. NNAS Bronze - April 2015


I did a course with Seb and without doubt one of the best I have ever done, Great instructor who really knows his stuff. Has given me the confidence to walk Scotland coast to coast with just a map.

Richard. NNAS Bronze - November 2014

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